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The Business Research Guide

Business Research Guide Anteater MascotHow It Works

The regular tabs links to resources, grouped by type.

  • Need an eBook?  Find one from the eBooks tab. 
  • Want to catch up on the Wall Street Journal?  Use the News tab.

The dropdown tabs each have a menu of guides to relevant resources, grouped by subject. 

  • Looking for analyst reports?  Try the COMPANY menu.
  • POPULAR UCI BUSINESS TOPICS covers special subjects at UCI, like Healthcare and Consulting. 

Nifty Note

Hogwarts wax sealThis is your invitation to use our new Industry Data Wizard tool in the IBISWorld database!  (From the main page in IBISWorld, select US Industry Wizard).  This Wizard essentially gives you a bird’s eye view over all of IBISWorld's reports, which cover nearly every industry in the United States.  

For example, if you want to know the fastest growing US industries, you no longer have to sift through hundreds of individual reports to reveal growth patterns. Easily summon the industries you want by choosing from the criteria filters in the Wizard's interface.  In fact, banishing the guess-work in IBISWorld is so amazing that you could say it's just like magic. 

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