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Business: IT and Technology

Your comprehensive station for UCI's business research content and beyond!

IT and Technology:  Industry Databases


Forrester Research
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates 

Geography: Global (limited)

Analysis and insights across a broad range of IT areas.  Content covers how IT affects and grows a business, and impacts customer experience. Research Reports include industry news, statistics, and forecasts.

  • Use the Only my access radio button in the left search results filter menu to see content available at the UCI Libraries.  
  • Playbooks provide guidance for business initiatives. Top menu bar > Insights > Playbooks
  • Waves offer a detailed, comparative analysis of products and services. Keyword search "The Forrester Wave" and limit by industry.


Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates
Geography: Global (limited)

An IT consulting firm that produces research applicable to all facets of technology and organization.  Content includes: Magic Quadrants (i.e. a graphical competitive positioning of four types of technology providers), Hype Cycles (i.e. a graphic representation of the maturity and adoption of technologies and applications), as well as other reports on vendors and technologies.


Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer)
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Market research reports, industry data, and charts for everything digital, including: internet usage, ecommerce, B2B, online marketing and advertising, social media, mobile device usage.  Coverage is both US and global. 


BCC Research
Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

Comprehensive reports addressing very specific technological niches across most high-tech industry sectors.  

  • Focus:  Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Energy and Resources, Engineering, Environment, Food and Beverage, Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies, Healthcare, Information Technology, Instrumentation and Sensors, Manufacturing, Membrane and Separation Technology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Photonics, Plastics, Safety and Security, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.


Frost & Sullivan
Access: UCI

Geography: Global (limited)

Industry research reports that integrate seven perspectives (competitive intensity, customer dynamics, industry convergence, disruptive technologies, global mega trends, new business models, and emerging markets) into a complete, overall view of the factors that impact covered industries.


Access: UCI

Geography: US

Industry research reports of 30-40 pages on over 700 U.S. industries, including Information, Technology, and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.


Plunkett Research Online
Access: UCI

Geography: US

Market research, industry statistics, trends, and in-depth analysis of top companies.  Spans several major IT industry categories.


Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: US

U.S. Market research reports on the behaviors, lifestyles, and product/brand preferences of major consumer groups.  Thematic coverage includes 'e-commerce,' 'mobile,' and 'entertainment'. 


Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies (FAITS)
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Reports covering IT infrastructure, telecoms, data networking, wireless communications, security, enterprise systems, the Internet, and technology vendors.

MarketLine Advantage
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

US and global industry profiles and company profiles throughout many fields involving IT.


Pew Internet & American Life Project
Access: Public

Geography: US

Reports exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life.

IT and Technology:  Academic and Trade Articles and Books


Access: UCI
O'Reilly for Higher Education features all O'Reilly publications and thousands of  technical eBooks from 200+ global publishers.  It also offers videos, case studies, interactive tutorials, audio books, etc.  Subjects include: Business, Desktop & Web Applications, Data Science & Management, Digital Media, Engineering, IT & Software, Development & Architecture, Math & Science, and Personal & Professional Development.


Business Source Complete
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Covers virtually all business subjects.  Includes scholarly articles, industry reports, news, and trade publications like Computerworld and CIO Magazine


Journal of Cases on Information Technology
Peer reviewed scholarly journal of real-life teaching cases and case studies based on individual, organizational, and societal experiences related to the utilization and management of information technology.

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