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Career Research



The UCI Libraries are here to help you with your career research process!  Whether you're a new undergrad or a PhD student, take advantage of specialized databases, websites, and eBooks to: explore career paths, network with professionals, find opportunities, prepare for interviews, and study for your career.  (Plus we share pro tips in the Learn this search! links.)  This guide complements the resources provided by the UCI Division of Career Pathways and other campus career centers.  


The pages will guide you on the research powering each of these activities:  
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  • Exploring Careers
    What career paths are out there for me?  

  • Networking
    How do I find UCI Alumni or people working at a specific company? 
  • Finding Opportunities
    How do I find openings for internships or jobs?
    How do I make a list of companies in a specific industry and location?
  • Preparing for Interviews
    How do I learn about the company, the industry, and beyond?

  • Studying: test-prep guides and more books
    Interested in going to graduate school or earning a professional certification as part of your career path?  Get study books and practice tests (online!) for popular graduate or industry-specific exams!  

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How do I navigate the resources on this guide?


How do I get more career research advice in my subject (Art, Engineering, Education, etc.)?