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Access Answers

What can I access? 

Access is generally available to all users. Registration or account creation might be required to access.

For commercial websites, the UCI Libraries do not offer premium memberships or subscriptions.


Access is available to all users ON the UCI campus and at GML.

OFF campus access requires Authorized Affiliates to log into the VPN with their active UCInetID and password. Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


Access requires an active UCInetID and password.

Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


These resources are not licensed by the UCI Libraries, but librarians occasionally promote them when they are relevant for certain types of research.

Access is available only for Authorized Affiliates, who are also affiliated with the Paul Merage School of Business.


The resources are limited to select UCI populations, based on the user’s status, e.g. current UCI Faculty or PhD students. Please refer to the UCI Libraries for access instructions.

Examples for why content may be limited include: a vendor set restrictions on who may access their information; alternatively, information may be sensitive, identifying, or embargoed;


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Company Overviews

Company Overviews:

Profiles, Financials, Hierarchies, and SWOT Analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)



S&P Capital IQ 
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: Global   

A comprehensive company intelligence database, offering granular financial and capital structure information on millions of publicly traded companies worldwide, including data and graphs for historic stock prices, searchable SEC filings, mergers & acquisitions activities, and venture capital/private equity data.  Also features biographic and professional connection information for millions of business practitioners.


Mergent Intellect 
Access: UCI

Geography: Global 
Public and private company information, as available, for companies worldwide.  It's particularly useful for building lists of companies and for hierarchical parent/subsidiary relationships (use the Family Tree tab for a company).  Mergent Intellect replaces Hoovers Pro.  Data for both Mergent & Hoovers comes from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). 


MarketLine Advantage
Access: UCI

Geography: Global 
Select public and select large private company profiles, spanning most major industries worldwide.  Profiles often include a detailed SWOT Analysis.


Nexis Uni Company Dossier
Access: UCI

Geography: Global  
Formerly LexisNexis Academic.  This Company Dossier tool Public and private company information, as available, for companies worldwide.  Particularly helpful for hierarchical parent/subsidiary relationships and some executive email addresses (as available). 

  • Nexis Uni [homepage] >> Menu [top left corner]  >> Company Dossier
  • Tip:  search on either the ticker symbol (for public companies), or the company's formal name. 


Passport Global Market Information Database
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: Global

Analytical reports on large global consumer companies' operations in various countries worldwide. Some reports may include a detailed SWOT Analysis or have content to help write one.  


Access: UCI
Geography: Global  
A global directory in which every company within the database has at least one foreign subsidiary.  Finds both US firms operating in foreign countries, and foreign firms operating in the US.  Searchable on criteria including: industry, employee count, and revenue.


Access: Public
Access to all public companies' filings to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).  Offers full-text searching of all filings produced in the last 4 years. 


Private Companies:  Other Resources


Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: US & Global   

Data and research covering the private investment market, including venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions. Information on companies, deals, investors, and funds. Use PitchBook to establish benchmarks, identify and analyze competitors, and search investor details. 

  • Users must create an account with their UCI email address. Download limits apply.


News is often one of the only sources of info on private companies!

Access: UCI

Geography: Global 

Worldwide coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business news wires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, and business-rich websites. 


Business Source Complete
Access: UCI

Geography: Global 

Covers virtually all business subjects.  Thousands of news articles from popular and trade sources. 

  • Search first only by company name, and add more words as needed. 
  • For ambiguous names, e.g. Apple, use: Select a Field (dropdown)  >  CO Company Entity.


Access World News
Access: UCI

Geography: Global 

Full-text news from 600+ U.S. and 700+ international sources, offering viewpoints on local, regional and world issues. 


Press Releases
The Press Release page for a private company, discoverable through Google, is also a critically important resource.


Imagine that you are an executive at a private company.
What information (financial or otherwise) would you share, if it meant your competitors may use it for their own benefit?

Companies do not voluntarily share info about themselves,
unless the SEC requires it by law, or unless companies believe disclosure  gives them a competitive advantage.

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