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The Economics Research Guide

How It Works

The regular tabs links to resources, grouped by type.

  • Need an eBook?  Find one from the eBooks tab. 

The dropdown tabs each have a menu of guides to relevant resources, grouped by subject. 

  • Looking for commodities data?  Try the GLOBAL TRADE & FINANCE menu. 

Nifty Note

Here's a happy fairytale about one of our global intelligence databases.

Once upon a time, this database was known as Business Monitor Online (BMO).  BMO evolved into the Business Monitor International, and rebranded to BMI Research.  Then Fitch Group acquired BMI Research in 2018.  Fitch rode off into the sunset with BMI Research by migrating BMI Research onto its new flagship platform called Fitch Connect (*Current UCI students, faculty, & staff), which features two modules that are magical for business research:  

Country Risk & Industry Research - Global, regional and country risk assessments, analysis, and expert commentary on 20+ industries and more than 200 countries and territories that collectively account for 99.99 percent of world GDP.

Sovereign Fundamentals - Financial statements on over 115 sovereigns.  They are an objective assessment of a Sovereigns creditworthiness and serve as an important indicator of potential risks and investment opportunities.

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For crunching numbers, take a look at the Software in the Libraries to see where you can access useful programs, like Stata and SPSS!

For even more Social Science data beyond what you'll find here, check out
our Social Science Data Research Guide.

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