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Access is generally available to all users. Registration or account creation might be required to access.

For commercial websites, the UCI Libraries do not offer premium memberships or subscriptions.


Access is available to all users ON the UCI campus and at GML.

OFF campus access requires Authorized Affiliates to log into the VPN with their active UCInetID and password. Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


Access requires an active UCInetID and password.

Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


These resources are not licensed by the UCI Libraries, but librarians occasionally promote them when they are relevant for certain types of research.

Access is available only for Authorized Affiliates, who are also affiliated with the Paul Merage School of Business.


The resources are limited to select UCI populations, based on the user’s status, e.g. current UCI Faculty or PhD students. Please refer to the UCI Libraries for access instructions.

Examples for why content may be limited include: a vendor set restrictions on who may access their information; alternatively, information may be sensitive, identifying, or embargoed;


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Orange County and California

Orange County



1.  California Business News links to the OC Business Journal, OC Register, San Diego Business Journal, etc.  

2. Lists of Companies has instructions for finding companies by industry and location throughout California, down to local levels.  It also links to the OC Business Journal Book of Lists.

SCAG Local Profiles 
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Southern California Association of Governments is an association of local governments and agencies that convenes to address regional issues.  Profiles covering SCAG constituent cities are released every two years, for these counties:  
Imperial County / Los Angeles County / Orange County / Riverside County / San Bernardino County / Ventura County. 

  • Profiles cover housing, transportation, employment, retail, education, and health.  


OC Business Council
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Produces periodic research reports on the following topics:  Community Indicators, Workforce Indicators, Workforce Housing, and the Retail Environment. 


OC Gov: Facts & Figures
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Demographic information, economic data, strategic priorities and more, from the OC Government.  Of note is the Community Indicators, an annual report that measures the overall quality of life in OC by tracking key indicators of economic, social and environmental well being.


Orange County Auditor-Controller
Access: Public
Geography: CA

The County's source of financial information.  Produces annual reports including 1) the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)- the audited financial statement for the County’s prior fiscal year, and 2) the Citizen's Report-  a summary of key aspects of the CAFR in layman’s terms. 



OC Healthcare


For a small fee, students and recent grads can join DeviceAlliancea non-profit organization that's
"focused exclusively on promoting the vitality of Southern California’s medical device community." 
Membership benefits include a business directory and job listings.


OC Healthier Together Dashboard 
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Values and comparisons for over 200 health, social, and economic indicators for Orange County.  A product of the OC Health Improvement Partnership, with input from 40+ member organizations.  


MedLinePlus- Directories
Access: Public
Geography: US

Links to directories for health professionals, services and facilities.


Orange County Business Journal: Book of Lists
Access: UCI
Geography: CA

The Book of Lists supplement issue is simply a compilation of all lists published by OCBJ during the previous year, with the following lists (alphabetically) related to healthcare:  

  • Dental HMOs/PPOs, Drugmakers, HMOs, Hospitals, Medical Device Makers, and PPOs


Orange County Community Indicators
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Annual report that measures the overall quality of life in the Orange County community by tracking key indicators, including a chapter on Health.


California (including OC)



Access: UCI

Geography: US

Maximum 3 users at once! An easy-to-use interface offering thousands of consumer behavioral data variables that can be used when building custom maps and reports (i.e. spreadsheets).  Register for a free account to save and return to your work.  Coverage is U.S. and granularity includes, counties, cities, zip codes, census block groups, and custom radius.  


California Open Data
Access: Public
Geography: CA

A statewide open data portal. Open data is public data collected by the state through its routine business activities and published in a format that is easy to search, download, combine with other data sets from other sources; it does not include private or confidential data about individuals.

  • Data is currently organized into seven topics: 1) Economy and Demographics, 2) Transportation, 3) Health and Human Services, 4) Government, 5) Natural Resources, 6) Water, and 7) COVID-19.
  • Several state agencies host their own open data portals.  If you don't find data in the centralized CA Open Data portal, visit this directory of all CA state agencies to explore more agencies' websites directly, in case an agency hosts its open data separately.  


US Census County Business Patterns
Access: Public
Geography: US

Historical economic data at the industry level within US counties. 


California Travel & Tourism Commission
Access: Public
Geography: CA

Operates the "Visit California" websites to promote the state.  Provides statistics, research, and promotional content to help stakeholder businesses improve their marketing efforts. 

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