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Business: Alternative Investments:
-- Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and REITs

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Alternative Investments:
Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and REITs 
(Real Estate Investment Trusts)


Value Line Investment Survey 
Geography: US
Information and advice on stocks, industries, mutual funds, options, and convertibles.  Also covers publicly traded REITs, including financial performance, analysis, ratings, and FFO (Funds From Operations) data in the downloadable PDF Value Line Reports, available at the bottom of the REIT's information landing page. 

Geography: Global
Thousands of business articles from news, trade, and scholarly publications, including titles like the Journal of Alternative Investments.
Bloomberg Terminal  (Current Merage students, faculty, & staff)
Geography: Global
Allows for screening mutual funds and comparing fund performance.  
Trade group that produces policy on industry best practices, as well as industry, investor, and retirement research and statistics.  (The UCI Libraries does not have a membership.)
Hedge Fund Marketing Association- Indexes
Helpful information, e.g. the lists of active hedge funds.  Also features data, resources, and best practices, all for hedge fund professionals.  
Trade advocacy group that has policy, research, and industry data on publicly traded REITs.  (The UCI Libraries does not have a membership.)


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