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Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


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Supply Chains


  1. U.S. Public companies must disclose their customers' names, when 10% or more of their revenue comes from sales to a single materially important customer.  You'll find these in companies 10-K (Annual) SEC filings
  2. Companies' Investor Relation pages can be a good supply chain resource, with details or lists of suppliers, sustainability efforts, etc.  Examples:  Apple, Target, Coca Cola, and H&M.


Access: UCI

Geography: US

Industry research reports of 30-40 pages on over 700 U.S. industries, including a section for industry-level supply chain information. 


S&P Capital IQ
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: Global

A comprehensive company intelligence database, offering granular financial and capital structure information on millions of companies worldwide, including data and graphs for historic stock prices, searchable SEC filings, mergers & acquisitions activities, and venture capital/private equity data  Also features biographic and professional connection information for millions of business practitioners.  

  • Search for a company.  Then in the left navigation menu >> Business Relationships >> Customers | Suppliers


Bloomberg Terminal
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: Global

Type SPLC and <GO>, for customer and supplier data, including peer competitors. 



  The terminology used to characterize a distributor may vary by industry. 
Other relevant words include:  reseller, wholesaler, dealer, and broker

To build a list of distributors by industry (and location), first find the most relevant NAICS code for your product category. 

  • NAICS codes related to "Wholesale Trade" start with the number 42.


Using one of the following company directory databases, enter the relevant NAICS code (it's an available search option), and use any other limiting criteria (e.g. location) that you need.


Access: UCI

Geography: Global

A global company directory with two modules:  American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries, and Foreign Firms Operating in the United States.  Search on key criteria, including industry, employee count, and revenue, and download results in an Excel spreadsheet. 


Mergent Intellect
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Public and private company information (as available) for companies worldwide.  Advanced Search allows for creating a custom Excel spreadsheet of companies based on criteria like industry, location, size, Fortune 1000 status, etc. 


News on Supply Chains


News is often one of the only sources of information about a company's practices related to its supply chain. 


Business Source Complete
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Thousands of business articles from newspapers, trade publications, and magazines. 


Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Worldwide coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business newswires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, and business-rich websites.


Access World News
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Full-text information from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources, each offering diverse viewpoints on local, regional and world issues.



 Academic Articles for Supply Chains


Business Source Complete
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Thousands of articles from newspapers, trade publications, and magazines. Searches across several key titles including: Supply Chain Management Review, World Trade: WT100Journal of Commerce, Industrial Marketing & Purchasing (IMP) Journal, and Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Journal of Business Logistics
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Peer reviewed journal, covering original thoughts, research, and best practices within the logistics and supply chain arenas.


The Journal of Supply Chain Management
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Peer reviewed journal with content on behavioral research focusing on theory-building and empirical methodologies.


International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Peer reviewed journal that covers all aspects of logistics:  the management of processes, flow of materials and associated information along the entire supply chain, from raw materials through to the final user of the product.


International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains
Access: Public

Geography: Global

Open Access, peer reviewed journal that disseminates new ideas and new research, advance theories, and propagates best practices in the management of value and supply chain management, looking across both product and service-based businesses.



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