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The Business Research Guide

Business Research Guide Anteater MascotHow It Works

The regular tabs links to resources, grouped by type.

  • Need an eBook?  Find one from the eBooks tab. 
  • Want to catch up on the Wall Street Journal?  Use the News tab.

The dropdown tabs each have a menu of guides to relevant resources, grouped by subject. 

  • Looking for analyst reports?  Try the COMPANY menu.
  • POPULAR UCI BUSINESS TOPICS covers special subjects at UCI, like Healthcare and Consulting. 

Nifty Note

Ad$pender logo on top of latte.Perk up!  We’re new subscribers to a database called Ad$pender!  It monitors advertising expenditures and occurrence information for 3+ million brands across 18 media. 

It can give you a strong jolt of data, like how much Starbucks vs Peet’s vs Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf vs Dunkin' Donuts spent last year on advertising across different media outlets.  It does require a learning curve, so if you feel like you’ve still got a latte learn after checking out my tutorial or the manual, that’s A-OK!  Email me your research questions:

After-hours questions?  Try this:  Ask a librarian 


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