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Business: Biotech

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Biotech:  Industry Databases


BCC Research
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

In depth market research reports on several emerging high-tech industries, including Biotechnology. 


Frost & Sullivan
Access: UCI

Geography: Global (limited)

Industry research reports that integrate seven perspectives (competitive intensity, customer dynamics, industry convergence, disruptive technologies, global mega trends, new business models, and emerging markets) into a complete, overall view of the factors that impact covered industries.


ASM Medical Materials Database
Access: UCI

Geography: US

Materials data to support medical device design. The database features both materials properties and biological response data for medical device designers.  Also includes a searchable list of device and material producers. Producers listed  may operate in the US and/or around the world, but have medical devices approved by the FDA for use in the US.  Content in other sections, such as materials, coatings and drugs has no region specificity.


Access: UCI

Geography: US

Industry research reports of 30-40 pages on over 700 U.S. industries, including Biotechnology.


Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates
Geography: US & Global

Especially useful for finding up-and-coming companies in emerging industries.  Data and research covering the private investment market, including venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions. Information on companies, deals, investors, and funds.
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MarketLine Advantage
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Domestic and international healthcare sub-industry profiles and company profiles throughout Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare.


Plunkett Research Online
Access: UCI

Geography: US

Market research, industry statistics, trends, and in-depth analysis of top companies. Covers Biotechnology, Drugs, Genetics, and Health Care.


Biotech:  Academic & Trade Articles


Access: UCI
Trade publication with exclusive reporting about the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the health tech industry, science, and coverage at the intersection of health and policy, as well as access to exclusive events and other benefits.

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Business Source Complete
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Covers virtually all business subject, with content from academic and trade biotech publications, e.g. Pharmaceutical Technology, the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, and Biotech Business. 


Web of Science
Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Index for finding scholarly articles in the sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, and humanities. 


Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Scholarly articles in the sciences, technology, medicine and social sciences.


Access: UCI

Geography: Global

Over 16 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles. Includes links to many sites providing full text articles.


A trade publication from India that covers the business of bio-technology. Analyses of policy issues, products and services across the bio-pharma, bio-informatics, bio-infrastructure and bio-agriculture segments.


Access: UCI

Geography: Global

JSTOR Stands for Journal Storage.  Contents comprise entire back runs except for the most recent (2-5 years) of scholarly journals, across all disciplines

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