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Business: Cases  

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Case Studies


Case Studies


Harvard Business Cases, Modules, & Core Curriculum Articles
To protect its revenue, Harvard requires each person buys a license for any Case, Module, or Curriculum Article they want to read, so the UCI Libraries are prohibited from purchasing and sharing these materials.  You must buy your own copy of these materials, or use course packets (if available).

  • The Journals and News tabs link to the Harvard Business Review Magazine; users may freely access magazine articles.  


Video case studies tell a real story in video from a first-person point of view and feature many well-known companies, such as:  Pinterest, Target, Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, Google, HomeDepot, Capital One, and Salesforce.  Topics include Business Transformation, Machine Learning, Microservices, Mobile, Technical Leadership, and User Research.  

  • To browse cases, scroll down on the O'Reilly homepage.  Under Case Studies > See More.


MarketLine Advantage
Case studies, approximately 10 pages long, typically addressing either industry trends or a company's strategy.  


Business Source Complete
A massive database with articles covering all aspects of business.  The following journals are dedicated to case studies, and more cases are findable through the Advanced Search.

Add the term "case study" to your keyword search string, e.g. logistics AND "case study"  


Journal of Cases on Information Technology
Peer reviewed journal of real-life teaching cases and case studies based on individual, organizational, and societal experiences, related to the utilization and management of information technology.


Asian Journal of Management Cases
Peer reviewed journal of cases focusing on real life management issues in the unique socio-economic environment of Asia. Teaching and research cases cover a wide range of management challenges, from South, Central and South-West Asia, plus the Middle East.


South Asian Journal of Business & Management Cases
Peer reviewed journal of original teaching cases, research or analytical cases, evidence-based case studies, comparative studies on industry sectors, products and practical applications of management concepts. 


Journal of Education Advancement and Marketing
Peer reviewed journal of case studies on advancement, development, alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications for educational institutions.


eBooks & Print books
Many business book chapters feature case studies.  From the Library Search page, add the phrase: "case studies" to a broad keyword search, e.g.: "case studies" AND management.


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Q: How do I write an analysis on a business case?

A:  Download this handy PDF.