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Business: Nonprofits and Associations

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Nonprofits & Associations


Nonprofits & Associations
A public charity that collects info on nonprofits, including including their mission, programs, and financials, via the IRS Form 990.  Create an account for GuideStar's freely available content.  (The UCI Libraries does not license any premium content.) 


National Center for Charitable Statistics
The national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States.  NCCS builds compatible national, state, and regional databases and develops uniform standards for reporting on the activities of charitable organizations.


The Nonprofit Network
From the Center for Public Integrity.  Nonprofits must report money they give to other nonprofits on the public portion of their tax returns. This grant-funded resource mined 850,000+ tax forms  filed electronically since 2010 from 250,000+ givers.   


Foundation Directory Online
Information about the largest public and private foundations in the U.S., and links to foundation web sites.


Yearbook of International Organizations Online
From the Union of International Associations (UIA).  Detailed information on  global civil society bodies and networks (organization contact details, origins, relations, members, bibliography, biographies, events, statistics, etc.)


Encyclopedia of Associations
Directory of US and International associations including non-profits and professional associations.


Plunkett Research Online
Includes glossaries, statistics, company profiles and contacts, and industry associations and organizations.


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