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This guide supports UCI’s innovation and entrepreneurship community by connecting users to relevant resources used to conduct research.

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Search for patents

Quick Reference Guides:

Additional databases for engineering patents

  • Monitor an invention’s influence by using the “Cited Patent Search” tool to find patents that cite a given patent or patents.
  • To find US companies who own the most patents: >> Patents [tab] >> Owners [left menu]
  • To find the top companies applying for the most patents: >> Patents [tab] >> Applicants [left menu]

Classification searching

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) is a hierarchical system that groups similar patents together (similar to NAICS codes used for grouping companies in the same industry). CPC facilitates searching for "like" patents, regardless of the terminology used to describe the invention. 

Example of CPC scheme: A46B 9/04 - toothbrush bristles arrangement

CPC Scheme Example
Level CPC code Description
Section A Human Necessities
Class A46 Brushware
Subclass A46B Brushes
Main Group A46B 9/00 Arrangement of bristles in the brush body
Subgroup A46B 9/04 ... for toothbrushes

Search strategies & tips