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This guide supports UCI’s innovation and entrepreneurship community by connecting users to relevant resources used to conduct research.

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Company overviews

  • Nexis Uni [homepage] >> Menu [top left corner]  >> Company Dossier
  • Tip: Search on either the ticker symbol (for public companies) or the company's formal name. 

Public company's disclose (some, not all!) financial information in SEC filings and annual reports.

  • SEC Filings are the more detailed, legal documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 
  • Annual Reports are the glossy, magazine-like documents intended for shareholders.

Public companies in the U.S. disclose (some, not all!) information about their finances and operations in the form of SEC filings. The 10-K/Q have the most detail about a company's finances; you won't find a more specific breakdown elsewhere.

Company Databases

These databases specialize in tracking small, private, startup companies.

News Databases

News is often one of the only sources of information on private companies.

  • Search first only by company name, and add more search terms as needed. 
  • For ambiguous names (e.g., Apple) use: Select a Field (dropdown)  >  CO Company Entity.

Press Releases

The "Press Release" page on a private company's website, discoverable through Google, is also a critically important resource for private company news.

Unavailable company information

Not finding the information you need?

Imagine that you are an executive at a private company. What information (financial or otherwise) would you share, if it meant your competitors may use it for their own benefit?

Companies do not voluntarily share info about themselves, unless:

  • the SEC requires it by law, or
  • they believe disclosure gives them a competitive advantage.