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Connecting FAQ: Students



Can I access UCI’s licensed online library resources (databases, eBooks, journals, and periodicals) from anywhere, either OFF or ON campus?  

Yes!  Actively enrolled UCI students can access UCI’s licensed online library resources for personal, educational, non-commercial purposes:

You need to set up remote access with the VPN.  Also, logging into the VPN requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  

VPN + MFA = Remote Access to Library Resources

You do not need to take any special steps to access our content. You can use a UCI computer, or you can use your own device(s) connected to UCI's WiFi.  


What is the VPN, and why do I need it?  

VPN = Virtual Private NetworkWhen you are using a VPN connection, you appear to have a UCI IP address.  This allows you to connect to resources that you would not be able to access otherwise from off campus.


Which version of the VPN should I use?  

There are three versions:  Desktop, Mobile, and Web.  

1.  Desktop (Software) VPN:  Use this on your personal computer!  It gives you the same experience as using a computer on campus.

2.  Mobile VPN:  Use this if you are on a mobile device.  The Mobile VPN APP is available for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

3.  Web VPNAvoid this!  Web VPN is clunky, and it does not work with all the resources that we license.  Use it only if you are on a computer that does not allow you to install software.  


How do I install and configure the VPN to access library resources?

1.  Download the VPN software.  It’s called Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.  If your department's IT office loaded software onto your personal computer, the software might be installed already.  Search for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.   

2.  Watch our how-to videos or follow OIT’s directions for installing and configuring. 

3.  The first time you launch the VPN software, use this configuration:  

Ready to Connect box  >>


The addresses and will not work for library resources.

Group [dropdown menu]  >>  UCIFull
Username & Password  >>  UCInetID & password


What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and how do I set it up?

To login to the VPN, UCI now requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), basically a second verification in addition to your password.  With MFA you'll use your smartphone or a small token device that you carry with you.  In order to access the VPN, you will also need to set up MFA. 



How do I access an eBook?

Make sure you’re connected to the VPN. 

eBooks from some publishers have a login screen.  If you see one, use your UCInetID and Password, NOT the guest login.  





I can't access a library resource.  Am I using the VPN? 

Click on the "Test My VPN Connection" button.  ➔

This tests your IP range.  It determines if you're using the VPN that's configured for you access to library resources:

If you get a message that you are OFF the UCI IP range, follow these instructions to set up and configure your VPN.  


I am using the VPN, but I cannot access a library resource.

1.  Make sure your VPN is configured to access library resources:
  • Group [dropdown menu] >> UCIFullSee a screenshot of this configuration.
  • Ready to Connect box address:  The addresses and will not work for library resources.
2.  Even if you know the UCI Libraries license a database (e.g. Academic Search Complete, IBISWorld, etc.) do not use Google to access it.  Enter it through a UCI webpage.  Why?
  • Some databases have a special URL that is specific to UCI, i.e. not the URL from Google. 
  • Databases may promote content via Google that’s not part of our academic subscription.
3. Log into the VPN before opening a browser, or log into the VPN and restart a browser.  A website on an already-open browser might not recognize that you just joined a VPN.   
4.  If you tried to access a resource before you configured the VPN correctly, your browser might have cached (i.e. stored) the webpage that prompts you to log in.  If you can access other library resources but not that one resource, try the following:
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Visit the resource from a browser set to incognito/private mode. 
  • Visit the resource from a different browser. 
5.  If it has been a while since you logged into the VPN, close and restart the application.

 I logged into Canvas or my department's intranet, but the resource I want to access still asks for an ID/password.  

These systems are completely separate from UCI’s VPN, so they cannot grant remote access to all of UCI’s licensed content. You must use the VPN for remote access.  

 I am using the VPN, but I can’t access X website or X report that I found in Google.  

We simply cannot afford to license every information product on the market.  Please check our Research Guides to see what we currently license.  If you do not see a report vendor listed on a guide, then we do not have a license to the resource.  

 I am a very new student.  Why am I unable to access UCI’s licensed online resources?  

You might have a UCINetID, but you must be actively enrolled too.  New students get access immediately after they are confirmed to be enrolled.  Call the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk for your status:  949-824-2222.




What happens to my access when I graduate from UCI?  

Please see the Connect: Alumni tab.  
I am in a UCI Continuing Education, or Foreign Exchange, or Executive Education program.  How can I access UCI's licensed online resources?  
The answer depends on whether you are granted a sponsored UCInetID and password as part of your program.  

Only UCI faculty, or management-level staff members, or their designees may sponsor someone.  The UCI Libraries cannot grant sponsored UCInetID’s because that is outside of our jurisdiction.  Please speak with your program manager.  


Can get I access if I have official academic Leave of Absence or Filing Fee status?  

Accessing library materials remotely requires an active UCInetID and password.  The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the governing body for the UCInetID.  You need to work with your departmental leadership and OIT to see if you can obtain a Sponsored UCInetID.  Only UCI faculty, or management-level staff, or their designees may sponsor someone.  The UCI Libraries cannot grant sponsored UCInetIDs because that is outside of our jurisdiction.  
Borrowing print materials requires a library card. To get a library card, bring your ID plus the appropriate approved form that documents your official status to one of the UCI Libraries’ Check Out Desks.  There will be a small fee that varies based on how long the library card is active.  Library cards from the UCI Libraries are not linked with UCInetID accounts, so they do not grant remote access to our licensed electronic resources.

 I have more remote access questions.     

Please contact the computing office for your department, or contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT). OIT also offers a separate FAQ page for more VPN troubleshooting.  

115 Aldrich Hall – Mon – Fri from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.