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This guide supports UCI’s innovation and entrepreneurship community by connecting users to relevant resources used to conduct research.

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Supply chain

  • Search for a company  >  [left menu] Business Relationships  >  Customers | Suppliers

The terminology used to characterize a distributor may vary by industry.
Other relevant words include: resellerwholesalerdealer, and broker


To build a list of distributors by industry (and location), first find the most relevant NAICS code for your product category. (NAICS codes related to "Wholesale Trade" start with the number 42.)


Using one of the company directory databases below, enter the relevant NAICS code (it's an available search option), and use any other limiting criteria (e.g., location) that you need.

News is often one of the only sources of information about a company's practices related to its supply chain.

Other supply chain sources

U.S. public companies must disclose their customers' names, when 10% or more of their revenue comes from sales to a single materially important customer. You'll find these in companies' 10-K (Annual Report) SEC filings. 

Companies' "Investor Relation" pages can be a good supply chain resource, with details about their top suppliers, their sustainability efforts, etc. Examples: AppleTargetTiffany & Co., and H&M.