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Drama: Latinx Playwrighs

Starting points for research in drama


Tagging plays in Library Search

Due to the way that plays are cataloged in libraries, it can be quite difficult to discover plays BY a person from a particular background (e.g., Latinx, LGBTQ, etc.). UCI Libraries' new catalog, Library Search, has a new feature that allows library users to TAG items with their own metadata (i.e., information) to help them and other discover these items in a way that is most helpful to them.

If you tag a play with something like "Latinx play" then you can help others more easily discover these items that you had to search for or were difficult to find. By pooling our knowledge and time each tag will help ensure that these plays are more easily discoverable and more likely to be read!

Step 1: Login to your Library Search account. This is your standard UCI login information. Even though you need to login, any tag you make is anonymous--this step is required so that it's only limited to the UCI community.

Step 2: Search for a play or playwright that you know to be Latinx. You might start with some of the resources or playwrights listed in the box to the left to discover some of these. HINT: If you're searching for a playwright by name there might be many false hits (i.e., other people with the same name). Trying adding in the words "AND drama" to your search so that it helps narrow it down to just playwrights.

Step 3: Click on the title of one of the plays that is (hopefully) retrieved. Once the item's record is open, scroll down a little to the "Tags section."

Step 4: Add your own tag! Think about how you or others might want to search for this play. You can add multiple tags. Maybe for this item by Carmen Aguirre, who is originally from Chile but now lives in Vancouver, Canada, you might tag it with several tags as seen below.

Step 5: You can easily search for items that others have tagged by expanding the ellipse in the header and clicking on the TAG menu.