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Drama: Drama 50A - Intro to Costume Design

Starting points for research in drama


Welcome to the world of researching costume design! Understanding what was worn in a specific time and place is essential to designing a show. This guide will help you get to know some of the most essential resources that you can use not only for this class, but also for other projects in the future.

Some essential online resources:

If you have questions, concerns, or want to proudly share how you just aced your research, contact the Research Librarian for Performing Arts, Scott Stone:

General Costume Design Resources

Try some of these SUBJECT searches to locate books on costume design, clothing throughout history, and other similar resources:

Clothing and Dress


Costume Design

Costume History

Dressmaking Pattern Design

A very select group of books on these topics are available below. If you look for these books on the shelves make sure you look at the items immediately surrounding them to find other books on the same topic!

The Tempest and Shakespeare

Books about costuming Shakespeare productions:

Books interpreting and historically placing The Tempest:

Plays Reacting to the Tempest

The Renaissance



Online Resources

Physical Resources (see info above on how to pick up physical books)


Online Resources

Physical Resources