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Starting points for research in drama

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Background Information

What is Comedy?

What is Tragedy?

Where can I find critical essays on plays like Hamlet and The Tempest?

The database Gale Literary Sources is the perfect resource to find critical essays on plays! You can do simple searches on just the play title and you'll find a plethora of options. Sometimes, with popular Shakespeare plays this can be a bit overwhelming, so you might think about narrowing your topic down a bit. Here's a few hints:

  • Try limiting your results to essays that are only ABOUT this play (rather than mention the play). Use the "Name of Work" menu on the right side of the screen to drastically narrow your results and make them more relevant.
  • Try retrieving only "Topic & Work Overview" essays using the "Content Types" menu on the right. These essays are written by excellent scholars, and tend to boil the play down to the basics of what happened, how it was received, primary themes, and additional reading. You might pay attention to WHEN the essay was written as you can find drastically different interpretations from an essay from the early 20th century vs. the early 21st century.

Battle of Agincourt/Henry V

Clothing and Uniforms

Many of the books that will be helpful to you for this type of research are found in the GT 720- GT 735 area of the library (Langson 3rd floor) and DA 320 (Langson 1st floor).Many of the books that solely concentrate on military uniforms are located in the Science Library. Look around the UC 485 area to find some helpful materials. Some examples of books that might be helpful include:

Some resources that are freely available on the internet and may be helpful for this type of research include the Royal Armouries Hundred Years Collections and part of the Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Uniforms at the NY Public Library. I encourage you to think of other types of institutions that might have historical research collections with materials online you might be able to find.

Biographical and historical materials about the person, Henry V


Shakespeare productions by Asian theater companies

Great Comic Characters