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Starting points for research in drama

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The resources on this page are here to help support you for your grant writing project. It includes links to some books that are specifically intended to help with grant writing, as well as resources to potentially help do the research to prepare for the writing process. Due to the wide variety of topics you might be investigating, this page might not have everything... so reach out and ask questions for your particular needs!

Scott Stone, Research Librarian for Performing Arts -

Things to Keep in Mind before Writing

(The following is copied from Appendix F of the book: "Go Get that Grant!: A Practical Guide for Libraries and Nonprofit Organizations" / by Gail M. Staines.)

  • What is the primary goal of writing this grant proposal?
  • How does this grant proposal meet the mission of your organization?
  • What specific population will benefit from this project?
  • What, specifically, are you seeking funding for?
  • What do you expect that the tangible outcomes will be upon completion of your project?
  • What resources (funding, services, personnel, etc.) will your organization and/or other organizations provide to support this project?
  • Are there any other sources of funding available for this project?

Background Research for Arts Grants

Organizational Information

Population Research

Issues in the Community


Where to Find Grants

Examples of Successful Grant Proposals

Examples of Unsuccessful Grant Proposals