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Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Manual (2024)

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How to Submit Your Manuscript

You have two options for submitting your manuscript to the UCI Libraries:

  1. Electronic Submission via Proquest (Preferred method). 
    • Manuscripts received 2+ days prior to the filing deadline will be reviewed by UCI Libraries staff for basic formatting:
    • Manuscripts received less than 48 hours prior to the 5pm filing deadline will be accepted as-is without review. They may be published permanently with formatting errors. 
  2. Paper Submission through UCI Archives
    • Requires 2 weeks advance appointment for submission and review. Please email to make an appointment.

Electronic Thesis Submission Flowchart (Preferred Method)

Paper Thesis Submission Flowchart

Your Manuscript After Submission

All approved thesis/dissertation manuscripts completed by UCI students automatically become available for public access and circulation as part of the UC Irvine Libraries collection. 

Theses and dissertations submitted electronically will be available via UC Library Search, with a link to the full text in eScholarship. Dissertations are also published by ProQuest or another designated firm approved by UCI that makes dissertations available worldwide through an online index.

You have an option to delay access through an embargo request process.

The time needed for cataloging and various other processes for electronic publishing varies; allow a minimum of five months for the entire process from submission of your manuscript to UCI Libraries to the time your manuscript is available for viewing.