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Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Manual

This guide contains information about the formatting and submission of your graduate thesis or dissertation research project.


Every page in your manuscript (except the Title and Copyright pages) must be numbered. Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of each manuscript page.

Preliminary Pages - Pagination

Preliminary Pages are numbered with lowercase Roman numerals.

  • Do not number your Title or Copyright Pages.
    • The Title Page is counted in determining the total number of pages in this section but is NOT numbered.
    • The Copyright Page is not counted or numbered
  • Numbering begins with Roman numeral ii on the Dedication Page (if included) or on the Table of Contents (if you are not including a Dedication). There is no page i in the manuscript
  • The subsequent pages are then numbered consecutively with lowercase Roman numerals through the end of the Abstract.
  • Dashes, periods, underlining, letter suffixes, other text (including last names), and other stylizations are not permitted before, after, or under your page numbers.
    • e.g., -iii-, iii., Anteater iii, iiib, etc.

Text Section - Pagination

The main text of your manuscript is numbered with Arabic numerals.


  • The page that follows your Abstract should be numbered 1.
    • Depending upon the structure of your manuscript, this may be an Introduction, Prologue, epigraph, Artist Statement, Chapter 1, or equivalent. Regardless of section, it should be numbered 1.
  • All subsequent pages should be numbered consecutively through the end of your manuscript.
    • This includes the Bibliography and any Appendices. Do not restart page numbering for your Appendices.
  • Dashes, periods, underlining, letter suffixes, and other text are not permitted before, after, or under your page numbers.
    • e.g., -123-, 123., Anteater 123, 123b, etc.

Help with Pagination