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Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Manual (2024)

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Captions and numbering

Place table numbers and titles above each table, and figure numbers and legends below each figure; if you choose a different pattern, be consistent throughout the manuscript. If space is not available within the margins of your figures/tables page for your caption or title, place it on the page preceding the illustrative material. Include both pages in your consecutive pagination and list the page containing the caption in the list of figures or list of tables.


Number all figures and tables sequentially, either by chapter or throughout the entire manuscript. You may use letter suffixes to identify figures or tables (e.g., Table 3a or Figure 12d), but such use should reflect some relational quality among the figures/tables so numbered. Do not add a suffix simply because you add a figure/table at the last moment if its data bears little or no relationship to the figure/table that precedes it.