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BME 1 Fall Quarter 2021: Recommended Resources


Subject Guides

Selected Subject Bibliography and Reference Tools - some resources will be available online; others will be in print

More resources and a comprehensive research guide for the field of biomedical engineering is available in the Subject Guide for Biomedical Engineering or the Subject Guide for Medicine or the Grunigen Medical Library Guide or others in subject areas such as the Subject Guide for Business or for those prepared for different disciplines in Engineering (one corresponds to each department in the Samueli School of Engineering)

Medline Plus - public database of serious and credible background information on topics, diseases, medical conditions or procedures - provides glossary, associations and content sources involved or engaged with topic, condition or issue.  Contains much valued links to content about regulatory and compliance from government agencies.  Often material was selected to serve patients about medical conditions and support services.  Highly recommended as a point of departure for background reading

Reference Resources

Growing series of eBooks from under Biomedical Engineering - all published by CRC Press/ available through ENGnetBASE and they can be accessed directly at category level, “Biomedical Engineering," “Lasers & Optics” and “Nanoscience/Nanotechnology," etc.  To Browse;To Search database of books.  (all titles are available in ANTPAC with links when available electronically.  Also the eBooks in Knovel database may be helpful - particularly helpful for Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science.  There are several series of eBooks in Medicine that may be useful, too - Stat!Ref and Access Medicine

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