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BME 1 Fall Quarter 2021: Goals for Instruction Section


Goals for Instruction Session

This is a work in progress and new content will be added as assignments are released and distributed.  Please be patient and as soon as groups are formed and assignments made additional information will be posted.  julia

Review assignments & course objectives:

  1. Reminder about connecting from off-campus & Library Hours this quarter
  2. Develop familiarity with resources to support course assignments

a. Review background information for the guest speakers - by author/speaker & topic in appropriate databases - may be helpful to consult the UCI Course Catalog or Website for background information, and Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculty Roster, too

  1. Biomedical Engineering: background on resources and trends in the profession, the industry, your project and future research
  2. Learn about recent trends in biomedical engineering and how to conduct appropriate literature or information searches
  3. Complete all parts of each assignment -

As a biomedical engineering student you will be introduced to and use materials in a variety of subjects to allow for a greater expertise and functionality, including:

  • Materials science – polymers, ceramics, etc.
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and Physiology
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Mathematics
  • Computer/Information Science
  • Business and Emerging Technology Applications
  • Demographics and census information
  • Consumer behavior
  • Hospital & Healthcare trends in investing in medical devices & instrumentation

HINTS for all assignments -

  1. Do NOT PROCRASTINATE - Get started right away.
  2. Begin an outline and fill in gaps as you progress through assignment
  3. Share information widely with group members - practice good habits in collegiality with your group
  4. Record your research trail - where you search for and find information and always copy the citation to the source so that it can be entered among your references
  5. seriously consider scheduling a group meeting with Engineering Librarian for group projects

Working in Groups

Some hints for achieving success in group projects:

  1. establish a group leader to keep everyone focused and on task
  2. contract with one another about what each will deliver
  3. share information widely
  4. work from an outline which may vary per the topic selected
  5. remember that group effort contributes to defining everyone's outcome
  6. consider using a platform such as Google Docs to share writing passages and ideas - you will need to register - see
  7. consider meeting with the Engineering Librarian or a Medical Librarian to review appropriate sources and how to use them

Liaison Librarian

Profile Photo
Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Library Buildings & Hours

You are likely to probably depend on the Science Library (SL) for most of your needs in the life sciences, physical sciences, information sciences, engineering & technology, clinical and health sciences, however you may on occasion have to use the and perhaps the Grunigen Medical Library (GML) for clinical and other medical resources, but you can request that those materials either be scanned (journal articles) or sent to the Main Campus for your pickup.  Occasionally, you may need the Langson Library (LL) for business/management and government information that is not available electronically. There is also the Gateway Study Center for all-night studying.  Consult Library Hours before visiting.  The Libraries will be closed Nov 12 for Veterans' Day, and November 22-24, 2012 for Thanksgiving.