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BME 1 Fall Quarter 2021: Statistical, Government, & Image Sources


Statistical & Government Information

You may find that you are trying to respond to these queries:

  • what is the annual income/revenue generated by the technology?
  • what are the major companies in the field?
  • what's the actual source of profit? Where is the money being earned?

Answers are found in many places. There are many tools that will provide you with data that can be generated in sources under the Business & Management tab.  Much of it will come from the US Government.  Remember that you may have to "normalize" data and account for inflation if data is not current enough or in US Dollars.  Important parts that will be useful include:

  • Census & Demographic Information - population data that supports marketing and projected use of products, etc
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Regulatory information - from the Federal
  • Reference sources mentioned under Recommended Resources

Medical & Scientific Image Collections

The Subject Guide for Images is full of scientific and medical image collections. 


Many sources will direct or link you to videos which are very helpful to understand how these devices and applications function.  Please view them.  Resources that may include them are:

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