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BME 1 Fall Quarter 2021: Citation and Formatting


Citing Sources

In order to avoid plagiarism and to honor intellectual integrity, make sure that you cite the authority in a bibliographic reference to anything that is not your original writing or creation - that means when you quote a passage, insert a graphic image, figures, or illustration, that you cite the original source. The style manual you choose to follow should document how you cite electronic resources.

Standard formats include the following reference elements:

For a Journal or Review article or conference proceeding:

Author(s) - last name, first name, MI, - [include multiple authors if noted] (date). Title of article. Source of Article/Title of Journal . volume #, (issue #): pages, date. Include the PMID number

If it is a conference paper, then you cite the Source of the Publication, Title of conference, date and location of meeting.

For books, the format is:

Author, editor of volume or chapter, (imprint date). Title of chapter in Title of Book, edited by editor if different. City of Publication: Publisher, page references. Note if it is an eBook.

For full volume:

Author, (date). Title of Book. City of Publisher, Publisher: pages

For websites:  include title of website, and URL, and date of when last visited site.

Other hints:

  1. Avoid plagiarism, be ethical – OVERCITE!
    Plagiarism: what it is and how to recognize and avoid it. A guide prepared by the Writing Tutorial Services, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


  2. For additional information, consult with instructor, librarian, examine your textbook or style manual for direction.


What information should I provide in a digital image citation?

Any items obtained from the web or scanned from a print source should be attributed to the owner of the copyrighted work. This includes photographs, paintings, or other works of art, tables, graphs, and other illustrations from primary or secondary source materials. Images from royalty free clip art, such as the clip art available in Microsoft Word or Power Point, do not need to be cited.

As a general rule, the following elements are needed in the citation:

  • artist's name, if known
  • title of image, if known (if not use a description)
  • institution where held, if known
  • title of article or book if applicable
  • author of article or book if applicable
  • title and date of journal if applicable
  • database name if applicable
  • date of access if online
  • date of publication if originally from print material
  • URL if applicable

Quick Guide to citing images (CU Weill Medical College)

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