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Music: Journal Articles

Starting points for research in music

Music Research Articles


Bibliographie des Musikschrifttums is a freely available index sponsored by the Institut fur Musikforschung in Germany. It covers many items already found in RILM, but it does have unique material that is from smaller European publications and also is much more comprehensive during the 1950-1966 period of time.

Canadian Music Periodical Index includes over 37,000 entries on articles dating from the late-19th century to the present day. Canadian music journals, newsletters and magazines are represented here, almost 200 of which are currently active and continue to be indexed. The CMPI database focuses on articles and news items touching on various aspects of music in Canada. 



ElectroAcoustic Research Site (EARS) attempts to index the literature dealing with electronic music, sound art, etc. It stopped actively indexing around 2007, so it doesn't have the most recent writings, but it's a great place to search for information that might be especially important to the ICIT department.

Interdisciplinary Databases

These databases don't solely focus on music, but they do contain lots of great information that could be helpful to you depending on your topics.

Interlibrary Loan

When you're in UC Library Search, you can request items that we don't locally own or that are currently checked out using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) process. You will need to login to your library account (this uses your UCINet ID and password) to initiate this request. Full information is available here:

Selected Major Music Journals Online from UCI Libraries

Want to stay on top of all of the newest literature in the Music field? Create a free Browzine account and accomplish it in a snap! It easily allows you to browse journals available through UCI Libraries by subject, put them on your own personal bookshelves, and also be notified when new issues come out. Some of the journals available through this resource are below:

Asian Music

Cover of Asian Music


Cover of Circuit

Computer Music Journal

Cover of Computer Music Journal

Contemporary Music Review

Cover of Contemporary Music Review

Jazz Perspectives

Cover of Jazz Perspectives

Jazz Research Journal

Cover of Jazz Research Journal

Journal of Musicology

Cover of Journal of Musicology

Journal of Music, Technology,
and Education

Cover of Journal of Music, Technology and Education

Journal of New Music Research

Cover of Journal of New Music Research

Journal of Popular Music Studies

Cover of Journal of Popular Music Studies

Journal of the American
Musicological Society

Cover of Journal of the American Musicological Society

Journal of the Society for
American Music

Cover of Journal of the Society for American Music

Latin American Music Review

Cover of Latin American Music Review

Music Review

Cover of Nineteenth-Century Music Review

Twentieth-Century Music

Cover of Twentieth-century music

Women and Music: A Journal of
Gender and Culture

Cover of Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture

Cambridge Opera Journal

Cover of Cambridge Opera Journal

Performance Practice Review

Cover of Performance Practice Review