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Starting points for research in music

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Piano Scores and Books

Sheet Music

M21 – Collections of solo piano music by more than one composer

M22Collections of solo piano music by only one composer

M23 – Collections (or single pieces) of SONATAS

M24 – Collections (or single pieces) of SUITES

M25Individual pieces of piano music

M27 – Variations for piano

M30-32 – Dances for piano (e.g. – waltzes, mazurkas, etc.)

M200-204 – Piano four hands

M217-239 – Piano and one stringed instrument

M310-312 – Piano trios (piano, violin or viola, and violoncello)

M410-412 – Piano quartets (piano, violin, viola, and violoncello)

M510-512 – Piano quintets (piano, 2 violins, viola, and violoncello)

M1010 – Piano concertos with orchestra (full score)

M1011Piano concertos with orchestra (accompaniment reduced for second piano)

MT220-240 – Piano studies and exercises



ML128.P3 – Piano bibliographies

ML132.P3 – Piano repertoire graded lists

ML417 – Biographies of pianists

ML652 – Construction of the piano (history, theory, repair)

ML700 – Music (criticism of) and playing the piano

MT220 – General works on piano technique

MT222 – Systems and methods of piano technique

Selected Books of Interest