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Starting points for research in music

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Looking for other dissertations to inspire you? See that it's possible to finish the process? Be sure to check out past examples from the ICIT program.

Want to look a bit more afield? Use the database Dissertations and Theses Global. It has full text dissertations from many different universities all over the world. Try limiting the Department index to include Music and the Subject index to Composition. You can then narrow results down to only include full text.


ICIT Books

This page has many different books, both classic and newly written, that might be of interest to those in the ICIT program. It is divided into three different sections: Improvisation; Composition / Writings by Composers; and Music Technology. Additionally, the column on the left side of the page gives suggestions on how to locate dissertations and additional books on a similar topic here at UCI.

Improvisation Books

Music Technology Books

Composition / Writings by Composers