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Starting points for research in music

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Call Numbers

Sheet Music

M40-44 – Unaccompanied violin music

M217-223 – Violin and piano music

M286-287 – Two stringed instruments

M290-291 – One wind and one bowed instrument

M294-295 – One bowed and one plucked instrument

M310-314 – Piano and 2 bowed instruments

M349-353 – Three bowed instruments

M360-364 – Three bowed and wind instruments

M370-374 – Three bowed and plucked instruments


Call numbers between M400-999 follow the pattern established between M300-399.

The first digit indicates the number of performers and the last two the instrumentation. 

Example: M549 – First digit is 5, so 5 musicians needed.  Last two digits are 49, so instrumentation is any combination of five bowed instruments.


M1012 – Violin concertos with full orchestra

M1013 – Violin concertos with piano reduction (originally full orchestra)

M1112 – Violin concertos with string orchestra

M1113 – Violin concertos with piano reduction (originally string orchestra)

MT260-265 – Studies and etudes

MT266 – Orchestral excerpts



ML128.S7 – Stringed instrument bibliographies

ML128.V4 – Violin bibliographies

ML800-897 – History and criticism of violin playing (i.e. – history, construction, etc.)

MT260-265 – Studies and etudes (includes technique and period performance)


Selected Books of Interest