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Springshare Products at UCI Libraries: Create a Widget: Create Code to embed in LibGuides

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Use this guide to generate a one-time code to copy and paste into "My Profile" in LibApps.

Code is NOT saved if you leave this tab without adding to "My Profile".

Additional resource:

Step 1

Login to LibApps

  • LibCal
  • Appointments



Step 2


If you haven't recently updated your Settings,

Click My Settings tab to update any information before you create a Widget.

Note: If you make any changes to your settings after you create the Widget, you will need to create a new Widget to embed in your LibGuides.

Step 3

Click Widget/Embed Code tab

Step 4


ONLY VIRTUAL (Zoom) appointments:


  • Only myself, but a particular location and group
  • Location: VIRTUAL (Zoom)
  • Group (need to choose either All or one Subject Group)
    • All Groups (includes W39C/HumCore and Subject Groups)
    • Select one Subject Group (excludes W39C/HumCore)

BOTH IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL (Zoom) appointments:


  • Only myself

Note for Multiple Subject Groups: the widget you create for the one Subject Group will be added into your LibApps "My Profile" and will display on all your LibGuides


Step 5

Customize the Widget (button to click on to launch the widget's pop-up window):

You can make adjustments to the following. See options below.

Note: Keep the look of the Widget easy for patrons to read.

  • Page Title - which appears at the top of the pop-up window
  • Width of popup window field
  • Height of popup window field
  • Button Text field - enter the label you'd like to appear on the button
  • Button Text Color field - set the font color of the button text
  • Button Color field - set the background color of the button
  • Button Border Color - set the border color of the button
  • Leave Include jQuery Library unchecked

Step 6

LibCal program will generate the code, but NOT save it.

You have to copy/paste the code into "My Profile" in LibApps.

  • Copy the code
  • Click the blue pull-down menu and choose “LibApps”
  • Click the “My Profile” button in the menu bar
  • Scroll down to the “Widgets” box and Click on "Empty"
  • Paste the code in the “LibCal Widget Code”
  • Click the checkmark to confirm and to add the button to your profile
  • Make sure the “Page & Box” button is clicked under “Display Options”

Note: Updating an existing Widget

  • You will not see “Empty” in the LibCal field
  • Click on the code itself to open and edit/delete the Widget









Step 7

Test Widget (make sure it is working correctly):

  • LibCal
  • Appointments
  • Availability tab - add one new date/time
  • Select Location
  • Select All Groups or one specific Group
  • Click 
  • Go to your LibGuides and Click on the Widget to submit a test booking
  • You should see the following:
    • 1st email because you are the patron
    • 2nd email because you are the provider
    • booking will appear in your Outlook Calendar
  • If everything is working, continue adding more appointments in the Availability tab