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* UC Irvine access only

Springshare Products at UCI Libraries: Chat Basics

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Chat and Tickets URL information

To access the backend of LibAnswers go to
Login with your regular LibApps login/password (what you use for LibGuides, Appointments, LibInsight). 

Image shows location of login link towards bottom right of the page.

Step 3a: Choosing Local Department (UCI Chats) to monitor

Only monitoring UCI-initiated Chats? 

  1. Click on Settings Tab
  2. Click Local Monitoring tab
    1. Local Departments will appear
  3. Under Departments
    1. University of California, Irvine: Slide to ONLINE if it is OFFLINE.

How to Choose Local Monitoring for UCI Chats

Step 3c: How to know if a Chat arrives?

When a chat arrives, a red circle appears on the Chat tab:

Image shows the red dot that appears in the chat tab when a new chat arrives.


Depending on the settings for Notifications in the Settings tab, you may also hear a Sound notification and/or receive a Desktop notification:

Image showing how to set Notifications in the Settings Tab

Step 2: Accessing Chat

To monitor and pickup Chats:

The easiest way to sign in to Chat is from the main page, click on Sign In, to the right of LibChat.

Sign In to LibChat


An alternative method to login is from the LibAnswers Dashboard.

  1. Click on the LibChat dropdown menu
  2. Select CONNECT 

Image showing the connect link in the LibChat dropdown menu.

Step 3b: Choosing Local AND Co-Ops to monitor

Monitoring UCI, UC, and the Academic Global Cooperatives?

  1. Follow steps in 3a (to the left) for the UCI Department
  2. Click the Co-Op Tab
  3. Under Co-Ops
    1. University of California Cooperative: Slide to ONLINE if it is OFFLINE
    2. Academic Global Cooperative: Slide to ONLINE if it is offline

How to choose Local Department and Cooperatives to monitor for Chat

Step 4: Paying attention to Browser Tabs

The LibAnswers Dashboard (See Step 2) remains open in one tab. The LibAnswers: LibChat Dashboard opens in a separate tab:

Image showing the different LibAnswers Dashboard Tabs

Step 5: Logging Off

Don't forget to end all chats and set your status to Offline when you finish monitoring Chat.

Image showing Offline Status before exiting LibAnswers