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Springshare Products at UCI Libraries

LibAnswers and LibCal information for Reference Providers

Email this link:

Chat and Tickets URL information

To access the backend of LibAnswers go to
Login with your regular LibApps login/password (what you use for LibGuides, Appointments, LibInsight). 

Location of login link towards bottom right of the page.

Step 3a: Choosing Local Department (UCI Chats) to monitor

Only monitoring UCI-initiated Chats? 

  1. Click on Settings Tab
  2. Click Local Monitoring tab
    1. Local Departments will appear
  3. Under Departments
    1. University of California, Irvine: Slide to ONLINE if it is OFFLINE.

How to Choose Local Monitoring for UCI Chats

Step 3c: How to know if a Chat arrives?

When a chat arrives, a red circle appears on the Chat tab:

Image shows the red dot that appears in the chat tab when a new chat arrives.


Depending on the settings for Notifications in the Settings tab, you may also hear a Sound notification and/or receive a Desktop notification:

Image showing how to set Notifications in the Settings Tab