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LibAnswers and LibCal information for Reference Providers

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How to set up appointment settings, personal description, and set up questions to ask patrons at the time of booking.

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Optional: How to customize email templates

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Step 1

Login to LibApps

  • LibCal
  • Appointments
  • My Settings tab


Step 2

Appointment Settings:


  • The same settings will apply to each of your locations/groups.
  • If you make any changes to your settings after you create the Widget, you will need to create a new Widget to embed in your LibGuides

You can make adjustments to the following:

Patron Must Book in Advance - set how many hours/days in advance the appointment must be booked (i.e. 2 hours or more depending on what works for you)

Patron Can Cancel Appointment - set how far in advance a patron is able to cancel an appointment (i.e. 0 hours)

Patron Booking Window - restrict how far in advance users can book you (i.e. 30 days)

Public Nickname - first and last name (list a couple of brief subject specialties) in the following format.

EXAMPLE: Nancy Chacon (W39C, Microforms)

Friendly URL - option to give your appointment booking page its own customized URL ( i.e. add your first name or subject area similar to your LibGuide)

Restrict Bookings by Email Domain(s) - leave blank

Directions - adding text to this field will display specific directions (i.e. where to meet in person) and will appear in the following:

  1. When the patron fills out the appointment form
  2. When the patron books the appointment
  3. Within confirmation and reminder email to the patron


IN-PERSON appointments will meet at the Science Library (1st Floor near the check-out desk). VIRTUAL (Zoom) appointments will receive a link in the confirmation email. 

Patron Reminder Email - set time for the system to send a reminder email prior to the session (recommended)

Patron Follow Up Email - set time for the system to send a follow-up email after the session (optional)

Enable LibAuth - restrict to UCI affiliates (optional)

  • select "Shibboleth" from the menu to restrict your appointments to people affiliated with UCI
  • follow the next step under LibAuth Group Rule to select "Check if UCI user"
  • Don't enable this if you plan to offer sessions to users who do not have an UCINetID

Click Save

Step 3

Appointment Instructions/Description:

Adding text here will add an "Info" icon (an "i" in a circle) next to your name on the scheduling page and the text will appear near the top of your scheduling Widget on your LibGuide.

Click Save

Note: If you add specific directions here (i.e. where to meet in person), they will only show in one place during the time of booking.

If you want specific directions to show up in the confirmation and reminder email, it would be easier to add to the "Directions" field. 

Step 4

Optional Settings to Customize

You don't need to touch generic settings/templates unless you desire to make changes.

Click Save if you do make a change.

  • Appointment Form File Uploads - patrons will be able to upload a file for your review prior to the session (NOTE: Be extremely cautious about opening files uploaded by unknown patrons)
  • Color Settings - customize the colors and patterns used in the availability grid
  • Confirmation Email to Patron - sent to the user after they book their appointment
  • Rescheduled Email to Patron - sent to the patron when an appointment is rescheduled
  • Confirmation Email to Admin - sent to the librarian after the patron has booked their appointment
  • Patron Cancel Email to Patron - sent to the user when the patron has cancelled their own appointment
  • Admin Cancel Email to Patron - sent to the patron if the librarian has cancelled their appointment
  • Reminder Email to Patron - optional email that can be sent to patrons as a reminder for their appointment (must set-up in Appointment Settings listed above)
  • Follow Up Email to Patron - optional email sent to the patron after the appointment has ended (must set-up in Appointment Settings listed above)

Step 5

Creating or Updating Booking Forms (Questions to ask Patrons)

  • Booking Forms tab

LibCal Required questions

  • Patron Name
  • Patron Email

Click the edit icon                             under "Action"  near your name.

You can add additional questions (multiple choice or free text).

Questions can be required or optional.

(EXAMPLE) Multiple choice Required for patron to answer:

  • Text: What is your current UCI affiliation?
  • Type: Radio buttons
  • Required: Select radio button "Patrons must provide an answer to this question."

(EXAMPLE) Multiple choice Required for patron to answer:

  • Text: Appointment Type

Note: Customize this question depending if you are offering VIRTUAL (Zoom) and/or IN-PERSON appointments.

  • Type: Radio buttons
  • Required: Select radio button
    • "Zoom - Meeting URL will be displayed on the confirmation page and sent in the email confirmation."
    • "Phone - At the time of your appointment, please call (949) 824-XXXX."

(EXAMPLE) Free text Optional for the patron to answer:

  • Text: If this is for a class, please share with me the names of the class and instructor.
  • Type: Multi-line text
  • Required: Select radio button "This is an optional question."

(EXAMPLE) Free text Required for patron to answer:

  • Text: Tell me about your information needs and research topic, so I can prepare.
  • Type: Multi-line text
  • Required: Select radio button "Patrons must provide an answer to this question."





Step 6

Appointment Form Question Order

  • You can reorder the questions.

  • Click the Reorder Question button 

  • Click-and-drag questions to reposition them.

  • Name & Email cannot be re-ordered.

  • Click 


Need to Update Settings?

Once you set up your initial settings and schedule appointments, making changes will not affect existing appointments. It will only apply to subsequently created sessions.

To change existing sessions, delete them and start over.