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Springshare Products at UCI Libraries: Tickets

Tickets Overview Presentation

Chat and Tickets URL information

To access the backend of LibAnswers go to
Login with your regular LibApps login/password (what you use for LibGuides, Appointments, LibInsight). 

Image shows location of login link towards bottom right of the page.

Accessing the Tickets Knowledge Base Explorer to Manage Tickets

To access the Tickets created by patrons or other librarians:

  1. Click on the Answers dropdown menu
  2. Select Tickets


Image showing how to access the Tickets Knowledge Base Explorer

Training resources specific to Tickets

What to do if a ticket is ASSIGNED to you

  1. GML LAs will assign tickets to subject and functional experts when they cannot answer the question.
    1. The LAs will confirm via email, phone or chat that the subject/functional expert is available to answer the ticket. 
    2. They will let the patron know that they are sending the question to a subject/functional expert.
  2.  LibAnswers sends an email to the subject/functional expert with a link to the ticket.
    1. Once you hear from an LA that they are assigning a ticket to you, wait for the email!
    2. Subject/functional experts with LibApp accounts (for example: LibGuides) will have no problem accessing LibAnswers. 
    3. Anyone without an account: we will either send the question to an email address or set the person up with a LibApp account. 
  3. Answer the ticket from within LibAnswers 
    1. Remember that we say on our web site that “A response is guaranteed within 24 hours Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and the Winter Administrative Recess)” 
    2. “I received your question and am investigating…” is a perfect response!​​​​​​​

Image showing where to write reply and how to close the ticket

Do NOT enter these Tickets in the Reference Statistics database. We will use the LibAnswers statistics to determine Reference Statistics.

  1. You can make notes in the transaction if you want to go back and look at something, or to use this information for a factual resume.

If you would like to create a personalized Macro for information you often include in responses to patrons (for example, you contact information), here are the instructions:

What to do if a you are cc'd on a ticket

Why would a librarian be copied on a ticket when the LA has already provided an answer? To give librarians opportunities to reach out to faculty who are asking questions about the Libraries and our services/collections through Chat and Email.

  • LAs will continue to send replies to questions from faculty when it is appropriate for the LA to answer (circulation information, do we own a specific title?, VPN, etc.).
  • After sending the answer, the LA will send an internal note to the librarian with a message, such as "FYI, this is a faculty member from X Department." 
  • Unless the LA expects the patron to respond to the question, they will SUBMIT and CLOSE the ticket.
  • Librarians receive an email from the LibAnswers system that will have the internal message clearly at the top:


  • The email will contain the transcript and LA's answer to the patron's question.
  • There is no expectation that librarians respond to these questions. It is up to the librarian to use this information as an opportunity to reach out to faculty and introduce themselves, etc.
    • If a librarian reaches out to the faculty member, please do so from your email account, not through LibAnswers.

Contact Cynthia if you have questions about the process or about the original answer provided by the LA.