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LibAnswers and LibCal information for Reference Providers

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Use this guide to integrate Springshare's LibCal Appointments with your UCI Outlook calendar.                                                                                                                                    

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Step 1

Login to LibApps

  • LibCal
  • Appointments
  • Integrations


Step 2

From the Integrations tab, you will link your UCI Outlook Calendar

  • Scroll down to the middle of the page
  • Ignore LibStaffer Sync and Google Service Account
  • Stop on Outlook/Exchange Settings

Step 3

Under Outlook/Exchange Settings section



  • No error message, skip next step.
  • Yes for 404 error page, go to next step to troubleshoot

Step 4

Troubleshoot 404 error page

  • Check if a "Remove Authorization" button appears
    • Check "calendar" appears in the form
    • Yes, click and try again.
  • Clear your cache and login to LibCal once more and try again.
  • Contact Nancy and/or submit a Libraries IT work ticket

Step 5

Sign in to your Web Outlook account

  • If you are already signed into your Outlook account, the system may recognize you automatically
  • If not automatic, sign in using this version of your UCI email address: (Example:
  • Password for UCI Office 365 (login for Web Outlook)
    • Will not be your desktop Outlook password unless you have set these passwords up to be the same
  • Click  to grant permissions for the LibCal app to read your profile and write events to your calendar

Step 6

Sync your Outlook Calendar

  • Select Calendar
  • Select Enabled for Check Exchange/Outlook Busy Times (see additional information below)
  • Click Save

Further Info

By enabling this feature Appointments will update your availability dynamically based on your Outlook Calendar. If you are away or have a conflict on a day you've made available to Appointments, the session(s) will become unavailable when the absence/event is added to your Outlook calendar.

If you don't check the box, you'll have to update your Appointments availability manually as well as your Outlook calendar. 

If you want to make sure colleagues don't book you in Outlook during a time you've made available to Appointments (since nothing will show in Outlook by default until a patron books you in Appointments, you can block times in Outlook and set them as "Free" (under "Show As" in Outlook) if you checked the box in no. 9. 

Note: changes made to Outlook may take time to be reflected in Appointments- as much as 10 minutes.