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BME 1 Winter Quarter 2024

Email this link:

Liaison Librarian

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Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Ask a Librarian

For Chat, Text, eMail and to schedule a Research Consultation with a Librarian, use:

Ask A Librarian 

More Information:

For Project 1, alll members should meet with librarian for a group meeting.  For Projects 2-3, representative members of your groups should meet with a librarian for those assignments - but of course all group members can attend.  You can contact to schedule a research consultation or handle any reference query with information posted above or, in addition,

1.  Use Ask-a-Librarian for Reference Assistance via eMail, Chat or Text by

clicking on the service you prefer and enter query

2.  Remember to consult Library Hours for when the Libraries are open and when a librarian is available. 

Group Meetings

For Project 1, the entire group is expected to attend the Library Session.  Appointments can be made by registering at  For Projects 2-3 representatives of each group are required to meet with the librarian to make sure that your information strategy is complete and logical and that the topic chosen has been fully explored with the tools and resources available.  If the topic is the same for Assignment I up to 3 groups can register for the same appointment.  Additional group members are encouraged to attend.  Representatives are responsible for informing the entire group about the session.  These meetings usually take about 45-60 min and serve as a good orientation to the resources for each of the groups and their topics.  The meetings are highly recommended if you are unfamiliar with the resources and have not done an assignment such as this before.


Appointments are preferred for when as many of the group can attend.  One "captain" should contact Julia Gelfand noting the topic the group is working on and propose several times that work for the majority of the group.  She will respond and confirm the appointment.   All meetings will take place in a conference room or lab in the Multimedia Resource Center (MRC) at the Science Library (opposite door) and can be scheduled for days or evenings (occasionally on weekends if needed) by using the GoogleDoc link in each group assignment using UCI eMail addresses.


Copying/ Printing at the Libraries


The UCI Libraries offers Wepa printing that can be accessed from an app downloaded on your phone.

  • Print from the Cloud using Google Drive, Canvas, Office 365, Dropbox, and more.
  • Print on the go by downloading the Wepa Print app. Available from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Add funds to the app or on the Wepa web site at
  • Costs will be debited at the rate of 10 cents per copy or xerox made; 12 cents per page of printing.