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"Mother's Milk, Mother's Wisdom"

August, 2021 is National Breastfeeding month in the U.S.A. Breastfeeding is a learned skill that requires guidance, practice, and support. Many mothers face a variety of challenges within the days and weeks after giving birth that cause them to abandon their resolve to breastfeed. "Mother's Milk, Mother's Wisdom" brings to light, through candid personal narratives, numerous obstacles facing breastfeeding mothers. The most meaningful and effective breastfeeding support often comes from other breastfeeding mothers who share their experiences and wisdom. These women are inspiring examples of tenacity and courage for those who are determined to nourish their babies with mother's milk. In this documentary film, women recount the challenges and triumphs of breastfeeding their babies.

Access to the full video is restricted to current UCI students, staff, and faculty. Trailer, reviews, discussion guides, and additional breastfeeding resources may be found on the Mother's Milk, Mother's Wisdom website.