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Streaming Media

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Who doesn't like to binge on your favorite shows in the comfort of your homes? We certainly do! While streaming media is certainly a great way to relax, there is an increasingly large amount of high quality educational documentaries and other shows available. Many of them aren't available through traditional channels like Netflix, but we've got you covered with a wide variety of databases that UCI Libraries subscribes to so that you don't have to!

This guide brings together all of our streaming media--both video and audio--resources into one location to help you discover something new to watch from the comfort of wherever you are right now.


Image from Resource Magazine, December 29, 2017 article by Bridget Schneider.

How to Watch When You're Off Campus

If you're on campus and logged in through the campus WiFi network then you can just click on any of these links and stream anything you want.

If you're off campus then you need make sure you're logged in through the campus VPN. There are multiple options, but for streaming media, it's always best to use the Desktop/Software VPN for the best viewing experience. More information can be found by clicking here.

Ways to Search for Streaming Media

If you have a specific film title you want to watch or an album you want to listen to, then you should use UC Library Search to begin your hunt. UC Library Search is UCI Library's new catalog and discovery system that will show you if we have access to something, and if so, which database has it. 

***SEARCH HINT: Limit your search to "Library Catalog" and the Material Type to either "Video/Film" or "Sound Recordings" to narrow your initial search down. You can then specifically find streaming media by adding on the "Available online" limiter on the left side of the page***

If you want to browse or get a general idea of the variety of streaming resources we provide, then you should go to the "Streaming Media @ UCI" tab to discover the many different databases we provide.