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Starting points for research in dance

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Find Current Reviews

Most performance reviews will be located in newspapers. Some of the major newspapers provided by UCI LIbraries are:

New York Times, 1980-present *

Los Angeles Times, 1985-present *

Wall Street Journal, 1984-present *

Washington Post, 1977-present *

Critical Dance provides contemporary reviews of performances (generally focusing on ballet)

Many newspapers are searchable through aggregated databases: * contains full runs and portions of newspapers (primarily from USA) from the early 1700's to the early 2000's. Excellent resource for smaller regional and local titles.

Nexis Uni * can be used to search for both journal and newspaper articles. To only search for newspaper articles (including reviews and obituaries) use the "Search the News" tab.

NewsBank * provides almost 3000 different newspapers from around the world. Particularly helpful if looking for international reviews.

International Index to the Performing Arts Full Text  * provides both journal and trade magazine articles. The search interface allows for limiting by document type so you can quickly locate reviews.

Many more newspaper resources can also be found at the News & Newspapers Research Guide.

Find Historical Reviews

Historical reviews can be an important source of information, particularly if dealing with historiographical research. Some resources for historical reviews are:

ProQuest Historical Newspapers provides coverage of major historical American newspapers. Use the first link to search them as a group or use the following links to search select titles individually:

(London) Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985

Many more newspaper resources can also be found at the News & Newspapers Research Guide.