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Starting points for research in dance

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Getting Started

Knowing where to find information about Arts Management could be overwhelming. This guide is intended to help direct you to resources provided by UCI Libraries that will help you get to the heart of the issues quickly and efficiently.

In order to access any UCI Libraries electronic resources when off campus you must first download, install, and turn on Cisco Any Connect VPN. It’s a simple process if you follow the instruction on the following pages:

The process is quite straightforward, with one possible exception. Make sure you are selecting the “UCIFull” group to connect to (this will be in a dropdown menus above where you sign in with your UCINet ID). Once you have everything loaded, be sure to actually turn on the VPN before you attempt to access any of our resources, including all of those listed on this page. “Turning on” means that you have logged in with your UCINet username and password.

Perhaps of most interest is the relatively new resource, Coro, which provides online "micro" courses (each comprised of several short videos and accompanying worksheets) intended for music and performing arts entrepreneurs. Start at this page: (NOTE: You'll know that you're probably logged in if it says "Howdy, UC Irvine" in the upper right.) It will ask you to join a Facebook group. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS! Instead, click on the “Course Library” tab near the top and begin to explore various options available to you, such as:

  • Mission into Action (Crafting Mission Statements)
  • Managing your Money
  • Where are my Fans? How to Build and Engage an Audience
  • How to Make Potential Customers Sit Up and Take Notice
  • Grant Writing Fundamentals
  • Making it Happen: A Guide to Self-Producing
  • and many more!

Arts Management (General)


Money Matters