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Starting points for research in dance

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Dance Research

There are many different resources for dance research available through UCI Libraries. Visit the following pages for resources that will be helpful for you in your research journey:

  • Scholarly Articles - Scholarly articles are excellent resources to find more information on specific topics in dance and to understand the scholarly conversation around topics. This page has links to databases that are specifically focused on dance and other performing arts, as well as databases that are more interdisciplinary in nature and might be helpful in certain situations depending on your topic.
  • Newspaper Articles - Newspaper articles are a great resource for finding information like performance reviews, interviews with people in the field, and information about concerts and other dance events. The newspapers on this page cover both present and historical time periods.
  • Books and eBooks - Books are excellent sources to give both background information on a topic as well as critical discussion.
  • Dissertations - The final document produced in graduate studies, dissertations and theses are great resources to find in depth scholarship on a niche topic. They're also a good way to potentially track emerging topics in the field.