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Dance: Dance Research

Starting points for research in dance

Dancing in the Library

"Table Dancer" by Ian Foss (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Dance Research

Resources on the following pages will be helpful to you when you're researching topics in dance performance, choreography, dance and technology, dance history, and critical issues in dance. Go to the Dance Medicine page if you are looking for research related to dance medicine and science.

Different types of information sources will provide different types of information:

  • Most journal articles will provide an analysis of events and expect you to understand certain facts prior to reading them. They can be much more current in nature due to a quicker publication timeframe than the lengthier books and dissertations.
  • Books (like encyclopedias and biographies) will generally provide you with factual information to understand what occurred at a particular point in time. Some of them will also provide analysis of why things occurred. They generally will not cover this year's hottest trends due to the length of the publication cycle.
  • Dissertations are similar to books, but are unpublished. They are written in partial fulfillment of graduate degrees.