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Starting points for research in music

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Voice Scores and Books

General Note: All M numbers from M1495 and higher are for vocal music.  M1500-M1999 is for secular music.  M2000 and higher is for sacred music.

Sheet Music

M1500 – OPERAS and MUSICALS in full score

M1503Operas and Musicals VOCAL SCORES

M1505 – OPERAS and MUSICALS EXCERPTS in full score

M1507 – Operas and Musicals VOCAL SCORE EXCERPTS 

M1613 – Songs with orchestral accompaniment

M1619Song collections with piano - TWO OR MORE COMPOSERS

M1620Song collections with piano – ONE COMPOSER

M1621 – Individual songs

M1621.4 – Individual song cycles

M1623-1623.8 – CSongs with PLUCKED INSTRUMENTS (i.e. – harp, guitar) accompaniment

M2000 – ORATORIO full scores

M2003 – Oratorio VOCAL SCORES


M2010 – MASS full scores

M2161– Hymnals



ML47-49 – Opera LIBRETTI

ML54.6 – Song TEXTS/TRANSLATIONS for works composed 1800 and later

ML54.7 – Song TEXTS/TRANSLATIONS for works composed prior to 1800

ML128.V7 – Vocal bibliographies, including repertoire lists

ML420 – Biographies of vocal performers

ML1700 – Works about dramatic music

 MT95 – Analysis of dramatic works (i.e. – OPERAS and MUSICALS)

MT820 – General works on singing and vocal technique

MT883 – Diction/Pronunciation

MT892 – Interpretation/Phrasing/Expression

Other Helpful Resources