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Music: Voice

Starting points for research in music
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Voice Scores and Books

General Note: All M numbers from M1495 and higher are for vocal music.  M1500-M1999 is for secular music.  M2000 and higher is for sacred music.

Sheet Music

M1500 – OPERAS and MUSICALS in full score

M1503Operas and Musicals VOCAL SCORES

M1505 – OPERAS and MUSICALS EXCERPTS in full score

M1507 – Operas and Musicals VOCAL SCORE EXCERPTS 

M1613 – Songs with orchestral accompaniment

M1619Song collections with piano - TWO OR MORE COMPOSERS

M1620Song collections with piano – ONE COMPOSER

M1621 – Individual songs

M1621.4 – Individual song cycles

M1623-1623.8 – CSongs with PLUCKED INSTRUMENTS (i.e. – harp, guitar) accompaniment

M2000 – ORATORIO full scores

M2003 – Oratorio VOCAL SCORES


M2010 – MASS full scores

M2161– Hymnals



ML47-49 – Opera LIBRETTI

ML54.6 – Song TEXTS/TRANSLATIONS for works composed 1800 and later

ML54.7 – Song TEXTS/TRANSLATIONS for works composed prior to 1800

ML128.V7 – Vocal bibliographies, including repertoire lists

ML420 – Biographies of vocal performers

ML1700 – Works about dramatic music

 MT95 – Analysis of dramatic works (i.e. – OPERAS and MUSICALS)

MT820 – General works on singing and vocal technique

MT883 – Diction/Pronunciation

MT892 – Interpretation/Phrasing/Expression

Online sheet music

Search Tip - Song Translations

Three different types of translations are available for songs - literal, poetic, and IPA. Many books will provide multiple types of translations.

Find the right book for you by doing an advanced keyword searching in Library Search for the last name of composer and the phrase "songs texts."

Limit the MATERIAL TYPE to Textual Mat'l.

Other options:

Search Tip - Finding Songs

Locating individual songs in anthologies can be tricky. The best way to locate these individual items is to search in MELVYL, rather than Library Search, because the MELVYL records will generally have the complete song listings.

The best song searches are KEYWORD for the last name of composer and a distinctive word or two from the song title.

After the search is complete, narrow the FORMAT to Musical Score (this is on the left side of the page).

Finally SORT BY Relevance and Library (small drop down menu near upper right of the page).