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Asian Studies

Currently, this subject guide primarily focuses on East Asia, and covers resources for the study of various social and humanities aspects (e.g. languages, literature, economics, history, politics, cultures...) of China, Japan, and Korea. Resources marked

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The page is created to support a 2-day conference and a 6-month exhibit on Korean Comfort Women:

June 6-7, 2019:  “War and Women’s Human Rights: Testimonies of the Comfort Women” conference sponsored by the UC Irvine Center for Critical Korean Studies.

May 28-December 1, 2019:  “Korean Comfort Women and the U.S. Discoveries” exhibit at the UCI Science Library, Room 261. The Exhibit is sponsored by UCI Libraries. 

While the historical photos/documents in the exhibit are gathered by Korean scholars mainly from NARA, the books, government documents, and films are from UC Irvine Library collections. Included on this page is the bibliography of the UC Irvine Library materials on the exhibit, in HTML for easy navigation and PDF for ready download. Interested parties may  also preview a draft PDF copy of “Comfort Women Testimonies in Translation” (up to 25 pages) that Prof. Chungmoo Choi and her students have created or ask for a full copy via email. 

This page was updated in support of the two half-day conference (2020 Dec. 1-2): War, Women's Human Rights and Comfort Women.

War and Women’s Human Rights: Testimonies of the Comfort Women: A Bibliography of Selected Materials in UC Irvine Libraries (HTML)

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Literary and Filmographic Representation