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Art History

This guide provides an introduction to resources that support research in the field of art history. You'll find helpful tips and tools to find and access art journals, films, images, exhibition catalogs and reviews, and more!

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Connecting to Library Resources

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Need Research Help?

You can always make an appointment the visual arts librarian (Jenna Dufour) by clicking here. Appointments can be made virtually or in-person. I'm here to help!

Newspaper Databases

Newspapers publish frequently (often daily) and they are excellent sources for both recent information as well as primary source material when you are looking at historical topics and issues. Newspapers tend to foucs on reporting events and relating factual information. Generally, they use accessible language and target a general audience. Some newspapers may focus on more specific audiences such as people employed in a particular profession or people sharing a common interest (example). Articles are reviewed by editors before they are published, but the pace of publication requires a quick editorial process. Newspapers also offer editorials and opinion pieces and these are usually labeled to distinguish them from news stories. Feature stories are longer and provide more in-depth coverage of a topic, but usually newspaper reports are short and offer little analysis. This page includes links to many different newspaper databases (current and historical) as well as a few specific newspaper titles. For a more comprehensive overview, visit the Newspapers Research Guide. (Thank you to South Dakoa State Library LibGuide for this introduction!)

Free Online Access to Major Newspapers!

UCI Libraries is also very proud to offer campus-wide access to the following newspapers and sites! In order to set up and activate your accounts, please click on the links below which will bring you to the library guide on how to do so.

  2. Washington Post
  3. Orange County Register
  4. The Wall Street Journal

California/USA - Current News

California/USA - Historical News

Newspaper Collections:

Newspaper Titles:

Alternative Press Newspapers

International Newspapers - Current and Historical