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Art History

This guide provides an introduction to resources that support research in the field of art history. You'll find helpful tips and tools to find and access art journals, films, images, exhibition catalogs and reviews, and more!

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Art History Research

Art history is a vast discipline - geographically, historically, and intellectually. The canon continues to be redefined as histories of art in regions and communities that had previously been wrongfully excluded and marginalized are brought to light and amplified in scholarly discourse. How to keep up with, or identify, all of the core literature of this field? Getting started with topical overviews and summaries written by art historians and experts through reference sources (annotated bibliographies, encyclopedias, and handbooks) will help you focus in on your research, dig deeper, and become more knowledgeable on your topic. There are many resources listed on this page to help you get started, but you can always book an appointment if you want one-on-one help to find library resources for your paper or research assignment.

Writing Resources

Annotated Bibliographies

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Online Resources:

Print Resources: Some of the titles above are also in print, but these texts specifically are not published online. While they may be older, they still provide valuable biographical and contextual information to conduct research in art history.