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Art History

This guide provides an introduction to resources that support research in the field of art history. You'll find helpful tips and tools to find and access art journals, films, images, exhibition catalogs and reviews, and more!

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Getting Started in Archives Research

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Primary Sources
Primary source documents in the visual arts research may include: artist interviews, correspondence, exhibition catalogs, pamphlets, oral histories, photographs, artists' journals and/or statements, etc. While these documents can become a treasure trove for original research, they are often difficult to trace. Most archive collections provide finding aids to navigate the scope and context of what exists inside a particular collection. These are especially helpful when collections are not fully (or even partially) digitized or processed.

What is a finding aid?
A finding aid is a tool to enable discovery of information as it places materials in context by consolidating information about the collection, such as acquisition & processing, provenance, administrative history or biographical note, scope of the collection (including size, subjects, media; organization and arrangement) and an inventory of the series and the folders. This page provides helpful tools to browse and discover archival collections in museums and libraries nationally and internationally. If you are new to archival research, please don't hesitate to contact your visual arts librarian!

Archives & Special Collections at UCI Libraries
If you're looking to explore the collections housed locally here at UCI Libraries, please visit the Special Collections & Archives web page.

Tools to Discover Archival Collections

Online Archives

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