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Connecting FAQ: Alumni

UCI Alumni


My graduation is upcoming OR just happened.  When does my remote access with my UCInetID and password expire?

The answer depends on when the Office of Information Technology (OIT), which manages UCInetIDs, updates their student records. Once OIT updates their student records, you will no longer have access. If you have questions about when your record will be updated, contact the OIT Help Desk.  Please see the OIT Alumni Help page for more info.  


Why don’t I have remote access to UCI's licensed electronic resources (databases, eBooks, journals, and periodicals) that I could remotely access as a current student? 

  • You are not alone; graduates at colleges and universities across the country ask this.  Vendors will only license resources to universities for current affiliates (i.e. students/faculty/staff), and in most cases other people who access resources while on their campuses.  
    • The only exception to this rule is the Vault career exploration database.  

 How can I access UCI’s licensed electronic resources (databases, eBooks, journals, and periodicals)?  

  • You are welcome to use a computer ON the UCI Campus (e.g. in Langson Library, Starbucks, etc.) to access most of our licensed electronic resources for personal, educational, non-commercial purposes.  
  • Some resources are restricted to current UCI affiliates (i.e. students/faculty/staff with an active UCInetID and password).  Those resources will be clearly marked.  
What computer(s) can I use on the UCI campus? 
  • If you want to use the computer labs/resources that belong to the school you graduated from, please inquire with that school directly about the availability of those resources.  


Can I pay UCI a ‘membership fee’ or get a library card from the UCI Libraries to gain remote access to UCI’s licensed electronic resources? 

Unfortunately, no. Vendors will only license resources to universities for current affiliates (i.e. students/faculty/staff), and in most cases other people who access resources while on their campuses.  Providing remote access (for free, or for a price) to non-UCI affiliates would violate our license agreements with our vendors.

To have unrestricted remote access to a vendor’s valuable electronic information, individuals and businesses need to directly purchase or subscribe to a vendors’ products.  

Library cards from the UCI Libraries do not grant any remote access privileges.


Can a current UCI affiliate (i.e. a UCI student/faculty/staff member) send content to me (e.g. email me a PDF), so I don’t have to come to campus?    

Unfortunately, no. That would violate the license agreements we have with our vendors. 
Where else can I find resources for my research? 
You may be pleasantly surprised by the resources available (remotely, online) through your local public library!  Cardholders at public libraries can also use Inter Library Loan to borrow much of the content owned by other libraries too.  And there’s often free parking!  
Can I check out UCI’s print books after I graduate?    

Yes, if you acquire a library card.  If you join the UCI Alumni Association, you might qualify for a free library card, depending on the UCI Alumni Association’s current rules.  You can also purchase a library card. 

Library cards from the UCI Libraries are not linked with UCInetID accounts, so they do not grant remote access to our licensed electronic resources.


My Alumni Office told me that I have access to “X” database(s) from off campus.  What do you know about that?

Please visit the UCI Alumni Association’s Membership Benefits page to see the resources they offer. 

Sometimes Alumni (or other UCI) organizations license resources specifically for their members, separately from licensed resources funded by the UCI Libraries.  Please direct access questions to the organization that is promoting that their members have access.   

I’m a graduate of another UC campus.  Does that grant me remote access privileges for UCI's licensed online resources?  

Unfortunately no.

Vault Database



UCI Alumni may access Vault for career exploration.  To get access, alums need to email Vault support staff:  

Vault offers intelligence on what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession.  It has detailed information on nearly 5,000 companies in more than 120 industries. Extensive information on more than 840 professions, including education requirements, skill requirements, salaries, advancement prospects, and more.  Search for current job openings, and find essential advice on resumes, interviews, networking, and more.