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Connecting FAQ

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 How can I access UCI’s licensed electronic resources (databases, eBooks, journals, and periodicals)?  

  • You are welcome to use a computer ON the UCI Campus (e.g. in Langson Library, Starbucks, etc.) to access most of our licensed electronic resources for personal, educational, non-commercial purposesYou do not need a library card to access these resources. 
  • Some resources are restricted to UCI Authorized Affiliates (i.e. current students/faculty/staff with an active UCInetID and password).  Those resources will be clearly marked.  
What computers can I use on the UCI campus? 


Can I download content that I access while I'm on the UCI campus? 
  • It depends on whether a content provider allows downloading, and this is on a case-by-case basis.  For example, many eBooks can't be downloaded, and videos usually can't be downloaded.  But if content can be downloaded, then you can save it (i.e. using your own laptop, bringing a USB flash drive, or uploading it to your own storage account, e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive).  Any content you save can only be used for personal, educational, non-commercial purposes.  


Can I pay UCI a ‘membership fee’ or get a library card from the UCI Libraries to gain remote access to UCI’s licensed electronic resources? 

Unfortunately, no.  A ‘membership fee’ model—wherein for a small fee someone would gain remote access to UCI Libraries' purchases of electronic resources licenses— would collapse the revenue streams for those vendors.  To have unrestricted remote access to a vendor’s valuable electronic information, individuals and businesses need to directly purchase or subscribe to a vendors’ products.  

Library cards from the UCI Libraries are not linked with UCInetID accounts, so they do not grant remote access to our licensed electronic resources.


Can a current UCI affiliate (i.e. a UCI student/faculty/staff member) send content to me (e.g. email me a PDF), so I don’t have to come to campus?    

Unfortunately, no. That would violate the contracts we have with our vendors, which could result in vendors revoking UCI’s access to their licensed electronic resources, or even suing us.
Where else can I find resources for my research? 
You may be pleasantly surprised by the resources available (online too) through your local public library!  Cardholders at public libraries can also use Inter Library Loan to borrow much of the content owned by other libraries too.  Many public libraries let you sign up for a library card for free or a very low cost through their website.  And if you visit them in-person, there’s often free parking! 
Can I check out UCI’s print books?  
Yes, if you acquire a library card
Library cards from the UCI Libraries do not grant any remote access privileges.
I'm a researcher (i.e. current student or employee) at another institution.  Can I register for remote access to UCI’s licensed electronic resources?  
Regardless of your affiliation elsewhere, the answer depends on whether you are doing work in collaboration with a researcher at UCI.  If yes, then you might be able to obtain a Sponsored UCInetID from the Office of Information Technology (OIT)the office that manages UCInetIDs.  An active UCInetID and password is required to remotely access the UCI Libraries' licensed online resources. 
Only UCI faculty, or management-level staff members, or their designees may sponsor someone.  The UCI Libraries cannot grant sponsored UCInetIDs because that is outside of our jurisdiction.  Please contact your research collaborator, or their UCI school/departmental IT office, and OIT. 
I'm in a UCI Continuing Education, Foreign Exchange, or Executive Education program.  How can I access the UCI Libraries' licensed online resources?  
The answer depends on whether you were granted a UCInetID and password as part your program.  
  • If you have a UCInetID and password, please see the Connect: Students tab.
  • If you do not have a UCInetID and password, then the information on this Visitors tab applies to you.  
  • Only UCI faculty, or management-level staff members, or their designees may sponsor someone for UCInetID.  The UCI Libraries cannot grant UCInetID’s because that is outside of our jurisdiction.  Please speak with your program administrator.  

I’m a graduate of another UC campus.  Does that grant me remote access privileges for UCI Libraries' licensed online resources?  

Unfortunately no.