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DASA: Demographic & Social Analysis: Census Workshop Guide

This guide is intended for use by new DASA students - the 2021/22Entering Class

Census Geography

Understanding Census Geography [framework for collection/tabulation/dissemination]

  • Census Maps
  • Census Tract Maps

Hierachy of the Census Geography see:

[Census and census surveys rest not only on collecting data but linking it to the correct geographic areas]

There are these TWO Broad categories of the Census Geography

  • Legal and Administrative
  • Statistical Entities

Address Search Exercise

  • Conduct and Address Search
  • Compare your census tract and your ZCTA (zip code) city, county
  • View profiles in your kit

Highlight data. click on Data, Tools and Apps

Go to the American FactFinder, follow directions to search community facts, click on street address link



Your Selections

  • ZCTA5 92614

Tables matching your selections: 5,483

Census Language

Census Small-Area Geography

When starting to work with the Census, you need to understand how the Census describes small-area geography.  Large geography (Nation, State, County) is easy to understand, however, other geographic terms can be confusing for the novice because specialized terminology is used to describe small areas of the country.  The Census Bureau standardizes this language across the US to facilitate comparison of geographic areas. The image below illustrates how the specialized terms fit together.

Census Terms to Know


More on the search results

Select the topic(s) you're interested in. Click Next.
You can select one or more topics to add to Your Selections. As you add and remove topics, the number of tables matching Your Selections is updated.
  Basic Count/Estimate
  Age & Sex
  Age Group
  Income & Earnings
  Insurance Coverage
  Marital & Fertility Status
  Population Change
Note: The Race & Ethnicity topic is available under the Race and Ethnic Groups step.